Pre-Printed Safety Vests

We have preprinted our most popular vests to make it easier and cheaper for you. Our preprinted vests are only $14.95 with no setup fee. This is unbeatable value. Your choices include:
–  Fire Warden
–  Chief Fire Warden
–  Area Warden
–  Building Warden
–  Chief Warden
–  Covid Marshall
–  Security
–  Staff
–  Visitor
–  Volunteer
–  Warden

Please note the red, blue, purple and black vests are printed in white while the rest are printed in black.

If you would like your vests custom printed try our printed safety vest page by clicking the link below: 

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From $15.95+GST

Get your vests printed with a custom design or logo here.

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Fire Warden, Chief Fire Warden, Deputy Fire Warden, Building Warden, Visitor, Staff, Choose your wording, Security

Vest Sizing

XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL


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Single Side Printing

Number of Printed Colours
Setup  $10-$30$30$30$30$30
1-19 Vests  $6.95$9.95$9.95$9.95$9.95
20-49 Vests  $6.45$7.75$8.75$9.75$9.95
50-99 Vests  $5.45$6.45$7.75$8.45$9.25
100-249 Vests  $5.15$5.65$6.45$7.05$7.75
250-499 Vests  $4.55$5.45$6.25$6.75$7.25
500+ Vests  $2.25$2.55$2.85$3.35$3.95

Double Sided Printing - Front & Back

Number of Printed Colours
Setup  $10-$30$30$30$30$30
1-19 Vests  $8.95$12.95$12.95$12.95$12.95
20-49 Vests  $8.25$8.95$9.45$11.45$12.45
50-99 Vests  $6.95$7.65$8.55$9.25$9.95
100-249 Vests  $6.25$6.55$7.25$7.75$8.85
250-499 Vests  $5.95$6.25$6.65$7.15$7.75
500+ Vests  $5.55$5.85$6.35$6.55$6.95